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The Creative Class:
Photographer, Venus Tong

Photography by: Venus Tong

If Instagram is the King then Venus Tong is the Queen behind those beautiful images. Venus started her photography career at 16 and has a love for still life photography. Her unique aesthetic brings her to the Instagram world.
She now shoots social media content for Bloomingdales, Men’s Wearhouse, CFDA, and more.

Photography by Venus Tong

Describe your typical day in NY?

Getting up at 7:30 a.m.. Make coffee, check my emails & social media. Edit photos or clean up my desktop (I hate having a messy desk top). Brunch at 10. Spend the next few hours shooting Instagram content. Grab another coffee (theres no such thing as too much coffee) Go to work at the New York Times & then home by midnight.

Photography by Venus Tong

How do you maintain inspiration?

I like checking out suggested users on Instagram & finding new talents. Constantly creating inspires me to do better by trying different techniques. I also collect pictures & I make mood boards of things I like or find interesting.

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Photography by Venus Tong

How did you get involved in photography?

I got involved in photography when I was 16. I started shooting pictures of friends in bands, after that I branched out to shooting events and parties. It was fun but wasn’t something I wanted to do in the long run. I really enjoy shooting still life because I feel like you have more control on what goes on.


Who is your hero?


…. None? Haha.



To see more of Venus’ work, please visit her website here.