The Creative Class:
Photographer, Angelo D’ Agostino

Angelo D’Agostino has a solid eye when it comes to studio photography and lighting. Spawning from an Italian electric engineer who worked on military airplanes and a Korean fine artist, inside a little town in Vermont with a picturesque Quarry, we can see how lines and lighting has influenced in his photographic work.

The Creative Class:
Photographer, Venus Tong

If Instagram is the King then Venus Tong is the Queen behind those beautiful images. Venus started her photography career at 16 and has a love for still life photography. Her unique aesthetic brings her to the Instagram world.

Instagram Ads vs. Influencer
Marketing: Deciding What’s Best for Your Brand

As the largest and fastest growing social network, Instagram is a hotbed for advertising; however, it’s also been somewhat of a battleground for marketers who are eager to tap into its pool of savvy consumers, but were met with resistance by way of Instagram’s limited ad capabilities.

The Creative Class:
An Interview with Andrew Cinnamon of Cinnamon Projects

There’s no doubt that various scents – much like music – can take you to a place of nostalgia. Fragrances of which create a multisensory dialogue binding the present, past and future. That’s where Cinnamon Projects Incense and Accords fit in.

The Creative Class:
Photographer, Pablo Ravazzani

Few photographers exhibit a sharp sense of detail like photographer Pablo Ravazzani, who has photographed BTS for luxury fashion brands including Narciso Rodriguez, Prabal Gurung, 3.1 Phillip Lim, and Thom Browne.

Is Luxury E-Commerce Nearing
Its Tipping Point?

How might luxury e-commerce develop over the next five to ten years? As part of our annual Altagamma-McKinsey Digital Luxury Experience Observatory, we analyzed the online-sales trajectories of more than 50 luxury brands over the past decade. What we found is that the market’s sales trajectory resembles an S-curve that can be disaggregated into three steps:

Why Influencer Marketing Delivers
High ROI for Brands

Influencer marketing has become an established method of presenting a marketing message to the right audience, but it seems that some marketers are still unconvinced. We know the benefits it can bring to a campaign, but according to Collective Bias there’s another metric we hadn’t considered: time spent with content.

How Luxury Brands
Create a Premium E-Commerce Experience

Online luxury e-commerce is shouldered into the same playing field as any other retailer, and pixels alone don’t make for a premium experience. How to make a webpage feel luxurious is a challenge high-end designer brands are still trying to figure out.

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